15 Colour Pro Cream Conceal & Contour Palette


Our 15 colour contour kit can be used for highlighting, contouring, concealing and brightening any complexion. This range of colours can be used on any skin tone. Great for the kit of any makeup artist to have at hand. Or someone who loves to have plenty of options in this sleek cream contour kit.

Light: The light palette has more of a colour correction usage for fairer skin - with purple tones, to neutralize, and yellow to brighten dark circles. It also has a range of peach tones which helps banish dark circles. Alongside all the tones you need to help you contour and sculpt your features.

Deep: The darker kit has colour correctors that will work on deep skin tones. Including yellow and orange to brighten the under eye. And warmer shades to brighten other parts of the face.

This is a cruelty free makeup product.